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Sunday, 10 June 2018
Series: Galatians
Duration: 34 mins 47 secs
All of us wanted to be accepted by our family, friends and colleagues. We can find ourselves "performing" to attract others to ourselves, and in doing so, hide our true selves. As Christians, we can do the same thing in seeking the acceptance of God, but He loves us just the way we are. If we want Christ to save us, then we need to let go of the things that get in the way of a true relationship with Him. There is nothing we can do to earn God's grace. We need to live in the victory of what Jesus has already done for us.
Sunday, 11 June 2017
Passage: Mark 12:28-33
Series: Transformed
Duration: 48 mins 20 secs
How do you manage your emotions? As Christians, we worship an emotional God who wants a personal relationship with us. The only reason we have emotions is because we have been made in the image of God. Our emotions allows us love, show kindness and be compassionate. Emotions can also run our lives in a negative way. The book of Psalms helps us to understand the range of emotions we can face. It is important to understand how to manage our emotions and not let them rule our life. When we hang on to negative emotions it is only God that can heal our emotional wounds. The path to healing is to forgive and confess. We need to allow God to take control of our life.
Sunday, 09 April 2017
Duration: 46 mins 15 secs
The last days of Jesus' ministry on earth was spent telling people to be ready for His return. Jesus used the two parable examples in today's passage to illustrate this. We are to ready at any time for Jesus's return because no one knows when that day will be. Jesus went on to say that when He comes that people will be put into two groups - those that will inherit eternal life with Him and those who will condemned to eternal damnation. We are given free will wether or not to put our faith and trust in Jesus. Are you ready now for Jesus to come?
Sunday, 20 November 2016
Duration: 46 mins 14 secs
Prayer is talking with God, being still, waiting and listening to what He has to say to us. Prayer is not just a mere list of our requests of God. It is about what is happening deep in our hearts and having a close relationship with God. In this passage Paul says that we are to devote ourselves to prayer, a theme he carries across all of his letters, that we are to be diligent in prayer and pray continually. What does this mean? We need to: (a) cry out to God with all of our needs and requests and to be honest with Him; (b) turn our constant thoughts into a conversation with God; and (c) learn to listen to God in our heart through a discipline and a lifestyle of meditation and contemplation.
Sunday, 25 September 2016
Duration: 44 mins 29 secs
God has a plan and purpose for each of us in our lives. He has assigned a race for us to participate in. How committed are we in running that race with endurance, perseverance, passion and patience? There are many examples of people who have gone before us that showed evidence of faith in Jesus Christ, despite their own failings. God knows the struggles we have that hinders us from handing our live totally over to Him. Psalm 23 gives us the encouragement to run the race that God has proposed for us. We need to fix our eye on Jesus, the only one we can truly depend on.
Sunday, 12 June 2016
Duration: 42 mins 17 secs
Whatever the challenges we face in life, as Christians, we must persevere to keep on fixing our eyes on Jesus. In this passage the Jewish Christians were being encouraged to stay strong in their faith in Jesus Christ and not fall back on old practices or rely only on angelic experiences in their lives. Jesus is set above all things and now sits on the right hand of God. We need to be careful to pay attention and not drift away from Jesus, despite what experiences we go through in our lives. What are you fixing your eye on that may cause you to drift away from Jesus?
Sunday, 20 March 2016
Passage: Luke 15:1-32
Duration: 24 mins 14 secs
Jesus gives us freedom to choose want we want to do in our life. In today's passage and the parable Jesus told about the prodical son, Jesus illustrates this with the younger son choosing to leave his familiy. This son chose not to have a relationship with his father as he turned away from his family. When we feel distant from God, it is us that has moved away. We are like the lost sheep that has gone astray. Whatever struggles or battles we face in our life, we need to be in a right relationship with Jesus who will provide the guidance, direction and comfort we need. The other older son in the parable showed anger, resentment, jealousy and bitterness when things did not go as he expected. The love of the father in this parable was unchanging. God is also unchanging. No matter what our circumstances, Jesus will always welcome us into His family.
Sunday, 03 January 2016
Passage: John 3:1-18
Duration: 29 mins 35 secs
Nicodemus was a learned religious teacher, a leader amongst his people, and yet he sought out Jesus because he recongonised that Jesus was a teacher who had come from God. Jesus points out to Nicodemus, and for us today, is that all He wants from us is a relationship by being born again in Him. Jesus came to this world to set us free. It is not what we do that earns us a place in God's kingdom, but it is by believing and accepting Jesus into our life. God so loved, He gave, we believe, we live. As we face a new year we need to fix our eyes on Jesus and be prepared for the new things He has in place for us.
Sunday, 30 August 2015
Duration: 31 mins 51 secs
The Holy Spirit takes us from our old life to a new life with Jesus. In this passage Paul highlights the things in our life that will keep us away from God, but contrasts this with the fruits of the Spirit, the qualities of Christ, that we can have by following Jesus. What do you need to get rid of from your life that keeps you from living for God? Is there a fruit of the Spirit that needs a little more effort and work for it to become a natural part of your life?
Sunday, 26 October 2014
Duration: 54 mins 14 secs
Jeremiah tells us that those who trust in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him, will be blessed, but those who put their trust in men will be cursed. The challenge before us today is where are we putting our trust? God's own people had lost their way and put their trust in idols - a path that was to lead them to destruction. Jeremiah tells them that their only hope is putting their trust and confidence in God. Do we travel the road that trusts in this world, which has no hope, or do we go along the path that leads to eternity with God? What does it mean to trust in God? We need to trust in His love, trust in His word, trust in His promises and trust in His plans for our future.