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Sunday, 24 April 2016
Passage: Exodus 4:1-17
Duration: 38 mins 19 secs
Moses' start in life was a miracle in itself - saved as a baby and then raised up in Pharaoh's household. When God confronts Moses 'in the burning bush' to tell him of His plan for rescuing the Israelites from the Egyptians, Moses comes up with excuses as to why he should not be chosen to do the task. Whatever God's plan is for you, He will equip you for the task. Your abilities and skills will not be enough. You need to practice the gifts God has given you, step out in faith and learn on the journey as you move towards the plan He has given you. God wants your character to line up with His character.
Sunday, 19 April 2015
Duration: 19 mins 22 secs
Everyone of us at some time has given in to temptation. When Jesus was here on earth one of the things He did continuously was to get the people listening to Him to understand that giving in to temptation is more than doing or not doing, but is a state of being. In this passage we can see some of the ramifications that people faced after falling to temptation. Obvious temptation that we know is wrong can be easy to avoid, but the world can provide more subtle temptations. We need to be faithful to God and allow Him to work in our lives. We are told that will not be tempted beyond what we can bear. Only through Jesus will we be able to overcome any temptation that causes us to stumble in our Christian walk with Him.
Sunday, 04 May 2014
Duration: 11 mins 10 secs
It is right to feel the tragedy and loss of the actions of Eve and her husband Adam when they gave into temptation and took of the fruit they were told not to take. How can we judge, after all they were only human, and we too have become victims of temptation of our own doing. Would we have done anything different if we had been there in the beginning? Eve had the perfect life before giving into temptation. We can only imagine how bad she must have felt when she realised what she had done to displease God. When it comes to us focussing on the Kingdom of God, we are not called to be tourists, but we are to seek permanent residency there. In order for this to happen we may need to make some changes in our life. Unlike Eve, we come from an imperfect beginning, but we can be made perfect in Jesus.
Sunday, 29 September 2013
Passage: James 5:13-20
Series: James
Duration: 40 mins 25 secs
James tells us in verse 16 of this passage that the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. But what is a righteous person? The righteous are people that have made a decision to adopt the values and standards of God and have chosen to have their life reflect this knowing that they cannot do it under their strength. Righteous people need God's help to be Godly - they are Christians! As Christians, when we pray to God, we know God loves us and will always answer us. We need to listen carefully to God's response because He always has the right answer, even if it is not the answer we wanted. God will always give us what we need, not what we want. If we pray and God's answer is not what we wanted, we need to listen and try to understand what God is teaching us.
Sunday, 17 June 2012
Duration: 34 mins 18 secs
In our worldview everything is relative, but God is absolutely holy and can not tolerate sin. To believe in God means an act of doing, not just head knowledge. Good works can not save us, but because we are saved, a sign of our salvation will be justice, mercy and humility before God.
Sunday, 10 June 2012
Duration: 44 mins 25 secs
We put God in a box when we think He turns a blind eye to sin in our life, or when we worship the doings rather than the Do-er, or when we try to repeat what He did in the past, in our own strength. Putting God in a box is trying to control Him. Sometimes He just quietly leaves and sometimes He reacts dramatically...