Sunday, 24 July 2011

Intro to Evangelism

When it comes to evangelism, many Christians feel apprehensive and under confident. Simply put, evangelism is cooperating with the Holy Spirit and others to bring one person one step closer to Christ. This means that there is no set style or methodology. The New Testament presents many different ways the gospel was shared on different occasions by different people. Evangelism is also a process that involves others. It's about developing relationships within community. Often we are just one link in the chain that brings someone to know Jesus, and God is responsible for the results anyway! Sometimes we wrongly associate evangelism with preaching and crusades, but Jesus frequently dealt with people individually. Bringing a person one step closer to Christ involves us taking steps too. What's your one step? Note: The video referred to at the beginning of the sermon is called 'The Pizza Evangelist'. The original audio recording of this video has been replaced with silence (from 0:00:24 to 0:00:30) to allow listeners to pause and watch the video.
Duration:33 mins 11 secs