Sunday, 15 November 2015


In this chapter we see that the people are not fighting an external enemy but an enemy within - selfishness. Wealthy people were exploiting the poor in complete contradiction to their own law. God has a special concern for the poor, a concern we are also to have. Nehemiah's immediate response was one of anger but then he ponders the situation. He rebukes those who were taking advantage of the poor and disobeying God. Israel was to be an example to other nations but their witness of Jews selling other Jews into slavery was giving the wrong message. Nehemiah leads by example, not out of favour of people but for the favour of God. We need to be looking to the interest of others, not just ourselves. To do this we need to rely on Jesus and not try to do this in our own strength. How can we further God's kingdom if we are so wrapped up in our own selfish ways. Who's kingdom are you building? Who are you seeking first?
Duration:34 mins 48 secs