GENR8 is our program for those in Junior School, that is, from Kindy to Year 6.It runs every Sunday morning during school term as part of the morning worship service at EPCBC. The children spend the first part of the service with the rest of the EPCBC family, enjoying and contributing to the singing, prayer and other components of the service.Then, while the message is being presented from God's Word for the adults, the children head out to GENR8 to interact with God's Word in a context that is both more familiar and more appropriate to their stage of development.The programs often involve fun activities and craft. If you are in junior school, then GENR8 is for kids just like you. 


MN8 is our young adults group that meets most Sunday evenings from 6.00pm through until around 9:00pm. MN8 operates as a small, home-based group, and is aimed specifically at those that have left high school and either entered the work force or are continuing their studies at a higher education institution. The group shares a meal together, sometimes watches a visual presentation and then spends time discussing and reflecting on the topic presented. At other times, the group operates along the lines of a traditional home group or Bible study group.If you are aged over 18, then this group specifically caters for your peers. There are those in the group that are still finding their feet in their journey of faith, while there are others that have been journeying most of their lives. However, everyone is both permitted and encouraged to bring their thoughts, ideas and experiences into the mix in a non-threatening environment.